ABACE Multipliers

ABACE multipliers are organizations whose members and customers have an interest in the aviation community. They actively promote and market ABACE attendance to their contacts, and in turn, gain visibility among the 8,000 ABACE attendees, along with unique opportunities for their customers. To learn more about becoming an ABACE multiplier, contact Coryn Alvarez.



Aircraftnurse was established in 2012 as world’s largest B2B2C platform of trading and service in aviation industrial chain, focusing on creating innovative internet thinking and operation mode, building a interconnecting, resource sharing, win-win platform of all those integrated industry resources.

For years, Aircraftnurse is focusing on providing industry information, one-stop purchasing aircraft solution and aviation financing, etc. The seven service modules include aviation news, aircraft sales, charter, aviation mall, aviation financing, aviation education and aviation catalog. They could help respond the needs of manufacturers, operators, material suppliers, financial leasing companies; aircraft service companies, airport management companies, business travelers and other terminal clients. Therefore we achieve industry resource integration, information sharing, fast docking and fast transactions of the industry chain.

We have already established subsidiary company in HongKong, Australia, America, Europe and also established close strategic partnership with the world famous aviation manufacturers, operators, material suppliers, financial leasing companies and airport authority such as Bombardier, Gulfstream, Embraer, Dassault Aviation, Enstrom etc.

Aircraftnurse has established subsidiary companies such as Zhongfeishang Aviation Fund Management Co., Ltd, Huayuanjiu Financial Service Co., Ltd, Zhongfei General Aviation Investment Holding Co., Ltd and so on, which provide professional aviation industry services for our partners.




AOPA CHINA covers fields of Aopa members, GA pilots, GA fans and trade professionals. It shares with readers about the unique information of aircrafts’ use, trade, maintenance and the related culture. It also closely connects Chinese GA with worldwide GA various fields and provides comprehensive service including above the line and under the line.



Civil Aviation Management

Civil Aviation Management magazine was founded in 1986 with the aim of serving civil aviation and publicizing civil aviation. Civil Aviation Management is committed to promoting theoretical and academic exchanges and discussions in civil aviation industry. It participated in over 80 high-level industry exchange activities, and symposiums or consulting activities on reform, development strategy and operational management, etc. Today, it has established close and extensive relations with civil aviation industries both domestic and international. Civil Aviation Management is going to provide more extensive and deeper service for the industry and advertisers as well with “open wider, get closer and be more influential” as the core ideology.​




ELITE/PALACE of GREAT MINDS magazine, since 2008, as the core art partnership of CEIBS and CBN, concentrates on artists and different types of arts. It has interviewed more than 1000 artists in different fields, and has created more than 10 million words articles for art in Chinese.

Elitechannel of Shanghai Airlines broadcasts in its all the airlines include international and national, it covers more than 50million people by Shanghai Airlines and 50million audience via internet.



Hong Kong Business Aviation Centre – HKBAC is committed to providing our customers the seamless aviation services essential to both safety and style.

Hong Kong Business Aviation Centre [HKBAC] is Asia’s premier executive aviation support facility for business aircraft. Located in the aviation hub of Asia and operating around the clock, it is very convenient arrival and departure point for destinations in Mainland China, other parts of Asia and beyond.

HKBAC caters a full range of services of professional aircraft technical support, ground handling, and passenger and crew services that complement and enhance your entire travel experience. HKBAC’s team is professionally trained to serve customers of different nationalities and cultures, providing highly personalized flight handling service.

HKBAC invites you to experience travel privileges and extraordinary services, which certainly make a noticeable difference.




NAFA International Flying Academy is a recognised and government accredited flight training provider, offering courses from ab-initio training through to ATPL. We cater for both Chinese and international students.

We operate an extensive modern fleet of single and multi-engined aircraft based at George Airport in George, South Africa and Xuzhou, China


Shanghai Business Review

Shanghai Business Review (SBR) is a leading provider of English language business and economic information for international companies and their managers that work in China or with Mainland enterprises worldwide.

For nearly 15 years, SBR provides readers with insightful content in a magazine format. On a digital basis the latest SRB news is delivered via its website (www.sbrchina.com), its mobile application (SBR Mobile), and its weekly e-newsletter (SBR Weekly Briefing). This exclusive content is supported by SBR Events.