Indoor Exhibit Space Priority & Placement Process

Indoor exhibitors who submit their applications and full payments by January 7, 2019 will qualify for the priority placement process. Qualifying exhibitors will be assigned to a priority category based on the criteria described below. Once the priority category has been determined for all eligible exhibitors, all exhibitors within each priority category will then be randomly ordered and assigned appointment times to submit their exhibit space placement preferences via the exhibitor proxy.

Following the placement of each exhibitor, exhibitors will receive stand confirmation, including stand number, via email.

Priority-One Exhibitors – Premium Placement

Includes all exhibitors who submit their applications with payments in full by the January 7, 2019 deadline and who select the premium placement option. Priority-one exhibitors will select their exhibit space prior to all other exhibitors. Premium placement exhibitors will receive 11 badges per 3m-by-3m exhibit space reserved.

Priority-Two Exhibitors

Includes all companies who submit payments and applications prior to the January 7, 2019 deadline, but do not select the premium placement option. Priority-two exhibitors will select exhibit space after all priority-one exhibitors have been placed.

Priority-Three Exhibitors – Payments after January 7, 2019

Priority-three exhibitors are those companies whose applications and/or payments in full are received after the January 7, 2019 priority deadline. Priority-three exhibitors will be assigned space once priority-one and priority-two exhibitors have been placed, space permitting. Priority-three exhibitors will be placed in the order in which their applications are received, provided the exhibit space has been paid in full.

Indoor Exhibit Space Placement Process for Qualifying Exhibitors

All exhibitors eligible for the priority draw will receive:

  • Confirmation of participation in the priority draw
  • Identification of exhibitors’ priority draw category
  • Complete priority draw results
  • Details for the live, online exhibit space selection process
  • Proxy information
  • Reminder of permissible booth configurations

Exhibit Space Selection Proxy Process

  • After reviewing the ABACE2019 floor plan online, exhibitors will submit a minimum of four preferred exhibit space preferences via the online Exhibitor Proxy Form.
  • Based on the results of the priority draw, exhibitors will be assigned a date and time to submit their online exhibit space proxy, which will be available via the link below and in the Exhibitor Dashboard.
  • The ABACE exhibits team will use the Exhibitor Proxy with the exhibitors’ preferences to assign their exhibit space.
  • Exhibitors will be assigned their exhibit space in the order of the priority draw results.
  • NOTE: Exhibitor proxies will be accepted no more than 12 hours prior to the exhibitor’s proxy deadline – to ensure that exhibitors are relying on the most current floor plan.
  • If an exhibitor does not submit their proxy by their proxy deadline, the ABACE exhibits team will use their best judgement to assign the exhibitor the best possible available exhibit space.
  • As exhibit space selections are made, the ABACE2019 floor plan will be updated online, in real time, and will be available for review 24 hours a day.
  • Exhibitors will receive official confirmation of their stand numbers via email within one week of placement.

Following the exhibit space placements, exhibitors will receive via email:

  • Official stand confirmations, including stand number
  • Exhibitor Dashboard login


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English: +1-202-737-4471

For more information about the ABACE priority placement process, please email [email protected].