ABACE Contacts for Exhibitors

Contact the following members of the ABACE Management team for help with making your exhibit a success.

Hangar/Pavilion Exhibits

Maureen Cameron
NBAA Director, Exhibits
[email protected]<

Sarah Driver, CEM
NBAA Manager, Exhibits
[email protected]

Rachel Thomas, CEM
NBAA Manager, Exhibits
[email protected]

Asia Representative

Evelyn Wu
[email protected]
+86 21 2234 1801


Linda Peters
NBAA Vice President, Exhibits
[email protected]

Static Display of Aircraft

Joe Hart
NBAA Director, Static Displays & Regional Forums
[email protected]

Tracy Tippett
NBAA Manager, Static Displays & Regional Forums
[email protected]


Sierra Grimes
NBAA Manager, Registration
[email protected]

Dina Green
NBAA Senior Director, Registration
[email protected]

Sponsorships & Advertising

Amanda Dumont
[email protected]

Press Conferences

Jessica Allston
NBAA, Administrative Assistant
[email protected]

On-site Contact

Samantha Lohse
NBAA Senior Manager, Marketing
[email protected]

Press Inquiries

Dan Hubbard
NBAA Senior Vice President, Communications
[email protected]

Publication Bins

Coryn Alvarez
NBAA Manager, Marketing
[email protected]

Housing / Shuttle Buses

Cheryl Padilla
NBAA Vice President, Conventions & Administrative Affairs
[email protected]

VIP / Special Events

Edward Bagsic
NBAA Manager, Conventions & VIP Events
[email protected]

Meeting Rooms

Chris Cherkis
NBAA Senior Manager Conferences & Seminars
[email protected]

General Information

Richelle Adams
NBAA, Coordinator, Exhibits
[email protected]