Exhibit Options & Pricing

ABACE offers a variety of exhibit options for companies of all sizes. Review important information about pricing and discounts.

Indoor Hangar & Exhibitor Pavilion

Premium Placement

This option offers exhibitors reserving indoor hangar or exhibitor pavilion space the opportunity to move to a higher priority status. To qualify for premium placement, this option must be selected on the exhibit application and full payment – on a non-refundable basis – must be received by Monday Jan. 13, 2020.

Raw Exhibit Space

A minimum of 36 square meters (6m-by-6m) is required to reserve raw exhibit space.

Discounted Pricing Through Jan. 13, 2020

Standard Placement USD $4,835 per 3m-by-3m
Premium Placement USD $6,475 per 3m-by-3m

Regular Pricing After Jan. 13, 2020

USD $5,375 per 3m-by-3m

Inline Raw Space

Inline raw space exhibits are tailored for exhibitors building custom stands and have their own wall structures. Refer to the Indoor Exhibitor Rules for more information.

Discounted Pricing Through Jan. 13, 2020

Standard Placement USD $6,280 per 3m-by-3m
Premium Placement USD $7,920 per 3m-by-3m

Regular Pricing After Jan. 13, 2020

USD $6975 per 3m-by-3m

Shell Scheme Space

Each 3m-by-3m shell-scheme stand includes the following:

  • 2.5m (8 ft high) partition walls – white panel on three sides of stand with silver aluminum uprights and crossbars
  • Furniture – one front counter, one round table, three black meeting chairs and one wastebasket
  • Fascia sign with your company’s name
  • Lighting – three 100W spotlights
  • Carpet – uniform carpet for the entire exhibit space
  • Daily cleaning service

Discounted Pricing Through Jan. 13, 2020

Standard Placement USD $7,495 per 3m-by-3m
Premium Placement USD $9,135 per 3m-by-3m

Regular Pricing After Jan. 13, 2020

USD $8,325 per 3m-by-3m

Shell-Scheme Single-Unit

Shell Scheme Single Unit
Shell-scheme shown features fascia sign with exhibiting company name.

Shell Scheme Double-Unit

Shell-Scheme Double Unit
Shell-scheme shown features fascia sign with exhibiting company name.


Chalets are now offered as fully customizable units permitting exhibitors the opportunity to work either with the official contractor, Freeman, or an approved EAC/independent contractor of their own choosing to customize and design the interior units of their chalets. Exhibitors will be required to submit stand drawings of all custom chalet interiors in advance to be approved by both the local Shanghai fire marshal and NBAA.

For the exhibitor’s convenience, ABACE offers a complete 100 m2 turn key chalet option. The turnkey chalet includes all of the most popular accessories and an interior design with, a reception area, common meeting/catering space and two private or semi-private meeting rooms. Exhibitors only need to provide some simple interior branding and graphics to finish their chalet.

All exhibitors, EACs and or independent contractors will be required to adhere to all rules, regulations and fees associated with ABACE2020.

  Discounted Pricing
Through Jan. 16, 2020
Regular Pricing
After Jan. 16, 2020
100 sqm Turnkey $146,260 USD $151,135 USD
100 sqm Custom $90,000 USD $93,000 USD
150 sqm Custom $135,000 USD $139,500 USD
200 sqm Custom $180,000 USD $186,000 USD
250 sqm Custom $225,000 USD $232,500 USD
300 sqm Custom $270,000 USD $279,000 USD
350 sqm Custom $315,000 USD $352,500 USD

Other services available at additional cost include: graphics, installation & dismantle labor (to assist with exhibitor-owned materials), audio/visual, floral arrangements and furnishings.

100 m2 Turnkey Chalet

Chalet shown features upgraded header and side wall graphics.

10m-by-10m (100 m2) chalet structure includes:

  • Fascia header for branding on all four sides of chalet, to include graphics
  • Glass front and door panels
  • Wooden rear door
  • Heavyweight flooring system
  • High-grade carpeting
  • Finished ceiling
  • Interior perimeter surrounding walls with laminate finish
  • Conference room walls, storage room walls, doors and bar counter, all in laminate finish
  • 3.5m buffet service area, 3.5m buffet counter and interior walls in laminate finish
  • Flag kit – 2 flag poles, flag, string and base
  • Air conditioning and heating

Receive power for:

  • One 42-inch plasma
  • One large refrigerator
  • Four wall-mounted air conditioners
  • 24 halogen lights
  • Four 15-amp single phase 220V outlets

Indoor furnishings:

  • One 3m reception counter
  • Four white, round dining tables
  • 20 dining chairs
  • Four single-seat sofas
  • Two double-seat sofas
  • One silver/glass rectangle coffee table
  • Three silver/glass tables
  • Four lounge chairs
  • One wooden laminate conference table
  • Eight black conference chairs
  • Two white high bar tables
  • Four white bar stools
  • One refrigerator – large
  • Four shelves for storage & kitchen
  • Three tables for office & kitchen
  • One 3.5m buffet counter
  • One 2m bar counter
  • One 1m reception counter

Outdoor Patio:

  • 3m-by-10m (30 m2) front patio with privacy fence and outdoor carpeting

Outdoor Patio Furnishings:

  • Three patio tables
  • 12 patio chairs
  • Three market umbrellas

Additional Services:

  • Daily cleaning
  • Wireless internet service on the three show days
  • 100 complimentary exhibitor guest badges
  • Four complimentary company profiles

Custom Chalet

Chalet shown is a 200 m2 features standard fascia headers, upgraded glass front and patio options.

Custom Chalet includes:

  • Flat roof chalet structures raging from 100-400 m2
  • Plywood double flooring on timber frame
  • Fire retardant timber flooring
  • Ballast stones with vinyl covers for standard fascia headers
  • Glass front double wing door
  • Rear door
  • ABC fire extinguishers (set of 2) for mandatory interior requirement
  • Fascia header – standard, 4-sided
  • Gable column wood encasing (3x)
  • Tent freight, setup/removal and machinery

Additional Services:

  • Wireless internet service on the three show days
  • Complimentary exhibitor guest badges
  • Four complimentary company profiles
  • Parking passes at SHPBASC

Additional items and upgraded services are available through the official service provider, Freeman. Order information will be included in the Exhibitor Service Kit.

Complimentary badges and Parking Passes for Chalet Exhibitors

  Complimentary Badges Parking Passes
100 sqm Turnkey 100 2
100 sqm Custom 100 2
150 sqm Custom 125 2
200 sqm Custom 150 3
250 sqm Custom 175 3
300 sqm Custom 200 4
350 sqm Custom 225 4

Catering for Chalets

Chalet exhibitors will have the opportunity to select between two different official catering companies for their chalet display space:

  • Hongqiao Jin Jiang Hotel
  • Potel and Chabot

The above catering companies have been selected as the official and exclusive catering partners and are the only caterers permitted to work on site.  Detailed menus and ordering information will be included in the exhibitor service kit.

For more information on chalets, visit Chalet Exhibitor Rules.

NEW! First-time Exhibitor Turnkey Pavilion

The First-time Exhibitor Turnkey Pavilion offers an easy and economical way to have a professional display at ABACE, Asia’s premier business aviation event. This opportunity is only available to companies that did not exhibit at ABACE2018 or ABACE2019.

Please note: Due to the limited space, no additional exhibit elements (i.e. t/v monitors, pull-up banners, etc.) are permitted within the turnkey package display space.

$2985 per 1m x 2m unit (limit one per company)

Each 1m x 2m unit includes the following:

  • Two exhibitor badges
  • Company profiles in the online exhibitor directory and printed Show Guide
  • Backwall graphic panel (1000mm x 2500mm)
  • 1m lockable cabinet with graphic (950mm x 860mm)
  • Carpet
  • Wastebasket
  • Two stools
  • Electric outlet (15watt/25amps)
  • Daily stand cleaning

Static Display

Ramp Space

$51.25 per square meter reserved

$34.00 per square meter reserved for all piston airplanes and single-engine helicopters.

  • Static display space is calculated on an aircraft-by-aircraft basis based on the aircraft length and wingspan dimensions.
  • For exhibits featuring multiple aircraft, the space required for each aircraft (length times wingspan) should be added to determine the total amount of space required.
  • Ancillary charges for services to support the static display exhibits, including towing, will be billed separately.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

The Chinese Tax Authority requires that ABACE collect and remit Value Added Tax (VAT) on all ABACE prices. The VAT rate is 6.45% and will be added to exhibitors’ invoices for exhibit space. In some cases, exhibitors may be able to deduct the VAT paid to ABACE from their VAT remittance to the Chinese Tax Authority. Exhibitors are advised to consult their tax advisors for further guidance.


Exhibitors requiring fapiaos must advise the ABACE exhibits team prior to making payment so that billing information can be provided in RMB.


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