China’s Top Government Officials to Address Business Aviation Growth at ABACE2014 Symposium

March 12, 2014

In recognition of the growing importance of business aviation throughout China and the Asia-Pacific region, top-level national officials will meet on April 15 at the Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE2014) for a China Business Aviation Policy Symposium.

China’s Top Government Officials to Address Business Aviation Growth at ABACE2014 Symposium

Government officials throughout Asia have increasingly recognized business aviation as a critical form of transportation as the region continues its emergence among the world’s most influential economic areas. Greater acknowledgement of business aviation’s importance to the area is apparent through a variety of initiatives underway.

As one example, a September 2013 meeting of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation transportation ministers resulted in agreement to a statement of principles recognizing the benefits of fostering regional expansion of business aviation.

In December 2013, Chinese officials eased some mission application and approval requirements for many China-based general aviation (GA) operators. The new policy allows most small GA operations flown by Chinese pilots and aircraft to fly throughout the country with only the approval of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), rather than undergoing a formal review by the Chinese military.

That action follows ongoing consultation with the Chinese government to open more than a third of the country’s airspace below 13,000 feet to GA operations. Both announcements reflected a pledge by Chinese officials to reform the country’s airspace management system, as well as improve both the allocation and use of airspace resources, as part of the government’s 12th Five-Year Plan for 2011-2015.

Organized by the CAAC, the ABACE2014 China Business Aviation Policy Symposium will continue the dialogue about the ongoing work to promote the industry’s growth.

The upcoming symposium will also build on a meeting of officials with the CAAC last April at ABACE2013 to address methods to develop the industry in that country. The year before, a forum held as part of ABACE2012 featured a roundtable of directors general – a highly regarded position throughout the region, analogous to chief executive – from countries including Japan, Singapore, China, the United States and Canada.