ABACE2014 Session Will Address Business Aviation Growth, Opportunities

Feb. 4, 2014

As the need for prompt, reliable access to destinations throughout China and the Asia-Pacific region has driven growth of business aviation throughout the area, it has also raised a broad range of questions from operators seeking to establish a business aviation operation in the region.

An education session on April 15 at the Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE2014), titled “Business Aviation Growth and Opportunities,” will provide valuable information not only to newcomers to the industry, but also experienced worldwide operators seeking to understand the nuances of operating in the region.

Among the topics to be addressed at the session are tips for companies looking to begin aviation operations in the Asia-Pacific region. In many cases, the first step involves identifying a regional partner.

“Forming a joint-venture has been the quickest path to success for many companies,” noted Jay Mesinger, president and CEO of Mesinger Jet Sales and moderator of the upcoming session. “On one side, you have a regional partner who understands the Asia-Pacific culture, language and relationships, though perhaps they lack the skill set required to manage an aircraft operation. The other half is typically an operator based in the United States or Europe who brings those skills to the table, but that is unfamiliar with the nuances of the Asia-Pacific region. Both sides must acknowledge that they need each other.”

Another scheduled topic is the growth of the region’s business aviation infrastructure, as the surge of operations in the region has frequently outpaced the rate of expansion and implementation of needed improvements. The session will also address recent political and economic changes of potential benefit to business aviation operators, including the implementation last year of the first phase of a newly created free trade zone in Shanghai.

Other issues to be discussed will include the importance of establishing a strong operational safety culture and methods for the business aviation community to assist government and non-governmental organizations in a regional humanitarian crisis within Asia. Additionally, the session will examine considerations for Asian operators looking to fly into the U.S.

Also up for discussion is the cost of purchasing an aircraft.

“As is the case worldwide, the Asia-Pacific market for aircraft is very dynamic,” noted Mesinger. “Supply and demand changes often based on differing priorities and attitudes between buyers and sellers, and strategies must adapt to these factors.”

In addition to Mesinger, invited speakers for the event include Jason Liao, China Business Aviation Group; Jeffrey Lowe, Asian Sky Group; Mike Walsh, Asia Jet; and Karl Zhao, Wichita Aviation Office of China.

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